What’s the last thing you do before going to bed?

What can really help?

Sometimes ¬†we have days that we maybe wish we hadn’t, could be for several reasons.

Remember, the things we don’t like about our lives are things that we can make choices about.

Accepting things as they are instead of expecting things to be a certain way and being happy no matter what, are two of the most important things to achieve on our road to creating the life we desire.

So what about bed time?

Go to sleep on a positive thought.

It doesn’t matter how bad a day you have had. At bed time put all that behind you and look forward.

The past is the past as soon as our next moment has started. And you really can choose how you feel about anything. The past is just there for us to learn from and…

… provide us with happy thoughts with which to raise our vibration before we go to sleep.

Choose that thought now and drift off, tomorrow is another day, make it a better one, by choice.

Thanks to a good friend for inspiring to write this.

Best wishes


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