What is a Dimple Day?

A month goes by…

Well, how did that happen, a month went by and I didn’t get on here and share anything.

The one reason that mainly explains this is that my business is booming, all part of the plan of course so that’s good.

Back to the subject…

A Dimple Day

We have a sign that was bought for me that hangs in our kitchen, it says.

Today is a goodToday is a good day day

It is one of those hanging signs with a word on each of the metal plates that make it up.

Our youngest son sometimes has been known to be grumpy in the mornings about having to have breakfast and get ready for school and the usual things boys get grumpy about.

I decided one morning that I was going to help him understand that he didn’t have to feel like that if he didn’t want to.

So, I turned the saying, Today is a good day, into Today is a dimple day for a joke. It really worked!

Now, to explain that, I have dimples, I think it’s genetic therefore, so do my sons.

In thinking about how you would know whether it is a good day or not you could measure that by how much you smile.

Well, when we smile in this house dimples appear!

Therefore if Today is a dimple day, guess what, we are smiling and life is good.

Remember, smile at least five times a day for no reason, it really does lift your mood.

Pass this on if you agree!

Best wishes


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