What if?

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What if you could reset your mind?

Is your mind like a computer?

If you use a computer you will know that sometimes there comes that point, once you have been using it for a while, that you need to carry out a reset to get the performance back.

It starts to run slowly at first and then really slows down and if you are lucky you can reboot it before it completely freezes up. If not then you have to press the reset button and hold it down to start again. It normally freezes up just before you o that final save to make sure you have all you work safe.

It might be annoying but at least you have restarted and you know things will be OK for a while.

Your mind is very similar to a computer except you don’t have an off switch or reset button you can use to restart your mind in the same way as a computer.

But just suppose you could, how powerful would that be?

But first what kinds of things are there that get into our minds that could be seen as junk?

As we go through life our mind fills up with junk which isn’t necessarily the things we recognise as bad but misinterpretations of the results we received as we grew up or things passed down to us through the generations.

Junk could also be truths that you hang on to that you believe to be true because experts tell you that they are and yet years later all the things that you did because of those wrong assumptions were all built on sand. The world is indeed round and not flat! The earth isn’t the centre of the universe!

Are there things in your life that are the equivalent to a flat earth?

There are things that people try to reset the mind like sleep, exercise, meditate etc. but there isn’t a reset switch. Or is there?

Doing these things might relieve the symptoms of junk in your mind but they haven’t addressed the real core of the problem.

Our minds need to be maintained in a similar way to our bodies needing food and water.

As our mind is not static we can’t expect to eat once and for all. You can either feed it a daily diet of structured thoughts or a chaotic mishmash of input from lots of different sources in your daily life. Doing it in a structured way is putting your mind on a maintenance program. You wouldn’t service a car once and just leave it, you maintain it regularly if you desire for it to function well consistently.

Of course, before you can move to running on a maintenance program you need to fix it.

The continual build up of wrong assumptions and misconceptions about life cross fertilise each other and create a mess in your mind that makes it run slower and slower.

This mess can be seen as bugs and viruses and as they are buried deep in your mind you don’t notice them and therefore cannot get rid of them.

It just becomes the norm… that is just how it is…

Well it doesn’t have to be!!

You don’t have to stay stuck and repeat the same mistakes all the time.

These bugs nurture chaotic thinking and keep you stuck.

No one teaches us structured thought or how to think. We just get told what to think.

If structured thinking was used by everyone then the problems would just stop being created.

There will be things you have tried and even though you know they work for some people they didn’t work for you. That is because you are installing the ‘software’ on a ‘computer’ that has viruses.

If your mind is full of bugs then nothing will work until you have got rid of them. This is the real missing piece of the puzzle.

If you are ready to make changes, to stand up and be counted, is now the time to take a look at the way you think and start to get rid of some of the bugs?

Are you accepting mediocrity? Do you feel the answer is there somewhere but you can’t quite see it?

If you are installing good software on to a bad machine then it just won’t work.

In the same way that a polluted tank of water has to have all of the water cleaned in it at once as pouring in clear water doesn’t fix it, so you mind needs all the bugs fixed before you can install the new software.

This is why self help books often don’t (help that is!). They are just pouring clean water into a dirty tank.

Just imagine how powerful it would be to be able to restart your computer, what it would be like to clear out all the junk and all of the pollution at the same time?

Then you switch your mind on and it is ready to do what ever you want it to!

All of the good stuff remains, all the good programs and your mind is clear and ready to do whatever you wish.

Now with this clear mind you decide to install some new software. With a clean and fast running computer it works easily and lets you change the way your life is turning out.

As you start out on your new journey you see that having a clear mind and a structured way of thinking will bring you happiness and enable to achieve more than you ever thought possible!

As you are going through life with your new program you may see bugs forming, a poor or irrational thought for example. But as you have the most powerful anti-virus software on earth installed, the bug is identified almost before it has time to surface and is dealt with quickly and easily.

Now you are clear to think and whatever you decide to install in your life will now work.

Can you imagine how powerful that would be? Instead of everything you touch failing, everything you touch turns to gold. Can you imagine what that would feel like? You can now make anything work. Everything you do works, everything  you touch turns to gold. You can do anything you desire. True happiness can you be yours!

But that isn’t realistic is it. Back to the real world where you mind is full of bugs and has no structured thinking system. But what if there is a way to clear the bugs from your mind, to install some anti-bug software? What could you do with a mind like that?!? What would you do with a mind like that?

Put your disbelief to one side and just imagine if there was a way that anyone could do this?

What if anyone who could read a book or listen to an audio book could do it? Would that be worth some of your time? What would you do with that time anyway?

Until you get rid of the bugs you are just going to go round and round. Until you put structured thinking in place you only have an accidental chance at succeeding and getting what you want.

Does the answer lie just around the corner like you think it does. Yes, you were right all along but you have forgotten how to use it to get what you desire. You can still use it by accident as you still have it but why not take back control and really shift a gear or two?

And that is why you are reading this. You asked for the solution and now you have it. You now need to choose whether to go off and try and find the answer somewhere else or read on.

The problem here, as always, is choice. So what are you going to do? Go back to drifting through a quiet life of desperation and mediocrity or are you ready to see how deep the rabbit hole goes?

You could visit this link and get the first five chapters of the Saltori thinking system for free as laid out in the book A Bug Free Mind, or take this happiness quiz to see just how you are shaping up in life.

No matter what you choose I wish you the very very best in life!

Amongst other things, I am a qualified life coach and as such If you need any help getting the best out of life and would like a free introductory chat about anything or more information about how the Saltori thinking could help you as it has helped me, then feel free to get in touch. (use the comments box below and I promise not to publish anything private!)

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