Time for a Sing

Mendip Male Voice Choir are on Tour

As you may know I sing with the choir and we are visiting Swansea on tour this weekend.

Last night we sang in a hospital as we were in the area and had done it last time the choir were here and brought some musical relief to those patients that were within earshot. (At least I trust that’s what we achieved!?)

After singing we were coaches back to the hotel where we all joined together for a lovely meal with good company and great hilarity at times.

This was followed by a ‘few’ drinks in the bar afterwards that finished in the early hours with the hard core revellers having had a great time people watching a wedding party where the groom went missing for a significant amount of time only to return looking somewhat worse for wear towards the end of the evening. Various theories were muted, none of which I feel I can repeat here but several of them included bridesmaids!


Before retiring on Friday it was agreed that we would meet for breakfast at 1015 to give us time to recover from the late night. I woke at my customarily early hour anyway and, after rolling over a few times and sleeping a bit more, IĀ got up and felt very virtuous working out in the gym. This was followed by a session in the sauna, jacuzzi and pool before an invigorating shower and joining the others for a massive cooked breakfast!

Those of you who have ever counted calories will know that working out and comparing the number of calories expended in exercise to those available in food can be somewhat dishearteningif you are not careful. Bearing in mind that I only worked off less than two sausages in the whole time I was in the gym and pool!

A number of us then went into Swansea itself and enjoyed a cup of coffee 29 floors up with lovely views across Swansea bay.

After resisting the temptation to shop we returned to the hotel to chill and prepare for the evening concert. (I caught up on some sleep and had a read!)

I am currently sitting in a choir stall awaiting the start of the concert.


More to follow (assuming I survive!)





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