The last couple of days…

Busy times (for the right reasons!)

The week started well and just got better.

We are getting referrals at work from employees moving from one employer to Bristol Airportanother and they recommend our time and attendance systems when they get to their new place of work, keep um coming!

Yesterday was a mixture of great meetings and lots of networking and meeting old friends along the way, happy times. A great time was had at Bristol Airport at the Barclays networking event.

West Quay Shopping Centre

West Quay Shopping Centre

Today was a visit to finish off a big contract and it was great to see the people down there in Southampton reaping the rewards of the great Focus system. West Quay shopping centre is a great place to visit, the food choices alone are worth going for!


The day culminated in an in depth session working out the tricky automation of some employee hours for employees who work in the docks, still some work to do here but progress is being made!

Have a great rest of the week everyone.

Best wishes


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