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Sing Your Heart Out!

Call that work?

How do you spend your days?

After a great day at what some might call work, I am sitting amongst 60 other men of various ages enjoying a wonderful male voice choir rehearsal.

imageMendip Male Voice Choir has been singing for many years but I have only been singing in it for about 20 months but I have already had the privilege of many concerts, to a wide range of audiences, including being part of the festival of voice and brass in the Royal Albert Hall.
On that occasion there were 1500 voices and the Corey and Grimethorpe brass bands, two of the best in the best country! It was a once in a lifetime experience!!
It just so happened that I ended up sitting right in the middle at the front of all the men right in the centre.image This meant when all the ladies stayed sitting down and we were singing the male voice only pieces I had the best view in the house!
The challenging thing was that we weren’t allowed any music, all 12 pieces had to be learnt by heart!!!!!
I am so grateful that I am able to join in with this type of thing, it brings joy to the heart…