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Things may not appear to be what they are and do you love what you do?

Things may not appear to be what they are…

As I sit here writing this I am in front of a warm log fire and it is snowing outside. How blessed are we that can do that.


As the storm rages on outside we sit comfortably inside our bubbles of existence separated and sometimes completely unaware of those nearby who are not so fortunate.

Ben, who is just fourteen has come running downstairs on this Sunday morning excited to see that it is snowing outside. How different it would be if he was out on the street somewhere wondering where his next hot meal was going to come from?


As the fire crackles in front of me and the flames lick upwards consuming the wood, (that commodity that is one of the few things that warms you twice), I realise that the storm that rages outside means I have to turn the fire down as the strong wind is making it draw more than usual.

What other things in our lives may appear to be a storm that are actually helping us I wonder?

What are you experiencing?

What are you experiencing right now that you are seeing as a trial that actually, if you stand back a bit and take a sideways look at, could be something that you can take advantage of in a way that you haven’t considered before and that will help you instead of hinder you?

Do you love what you do?

Is what you are doing in life really what you want to do? Is the job you have, what you do to, ‘make a living’ what you love to do?


Stop and think for just a moment and you will know.

If it isn’t and let’s face it, if you love what you do, you will never do a days work in your life, you will know straight away.


The question then is what are you going to do about it? Are you just going to keep doing the same things over and over and expect something to change?

That, I think it was Einstein referred to, as madness!

Sit quietly and ask yourself, what is it that I love to do and if money were not an issue I would just do as much of the time as possible?

Spend some time on this as what you first think of may only be part of the story.

What next?

What you do next is up to you. Doing what you love can make you enough or even, more than enough, money if you do it in the right way. Decide on what you are going to do and write down clearly and without ambiguity exactly what it is that you desire to do in your life and if you have a true burning desire to do that then you will achieve it.

There are processes that enable you to do this with ease. Saltori is one of them.

Would you like me to write more on this? Let me know and I will happily do so.

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Best wishes


Reflections on Peace in our World

PeaceReflections on Peace in Our World

These are some of the things I have come to realise about how things are.

  • Would the world be a more peaceful and loving place if these things were more understood and lived?

I understand and, even though I am not fully able to apply them all the time, I am learning to live by the following more and more each day:

  • I can only change one person, and that is myself.
  • I  should not try to change others.
  • To trust that if a message is right for someone it will be heard.
  • That there are times and situations that bring up emotions and feelings in me that are normally locked away and do not surface in my normal day-to-day life and it is up to me how I react to them; I can after all, choose how I feel.
  • That my ego plays a large part in my reactions when I am not present and I am becoming more and more present every day.
  • That if I feel upset or angry about something someone else is doing, going and looking in a mirror and asking myself, “What is it about the actions of the other person that I don’t like about myself?” is a very powerful way to find out more about myself.
  • When I discover something that I don’t like about myself by looking in the mirror, asking “What is the benefit?”, seeing there is none and moving forward having left it behind.
  • There is no point in worrying, right now you are either dealing with a situation, preparing to deal with it or waiting to do so, what is the point in worrying about it?
  • That I can truly choose how I feel in any situation, if I have control of my mind.
  • That I am creating my life every day and that my dominant thought will become my reality.
  • Judgement is weakness, observation is power, judge no-one.
  • That God is bigger than any religion.
  • When I spend time each day taking back control of my mind it serves to accelerate the positive life I am creating.
  • That harbouring damaging emotions, like resentment, is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die, it only hurts me.
  • That it is not my place to react on someone else’s behalf.
  • That serenity comes when I exchange expectation for acceptance.
  • That forgiveness is a very powerful thing and total forgiveness is essential for harmonious living.
  • Remembering that fear is just False Evidence Appearing Real.
  • Acting from the highest thought, that of love, will always be the right thing to do and recognising what that thought is.
  • Understanding that I have an unlimited supply of love to share in the world, and sharing it!
  • That if I approach every situation from the perspective of unconditional love, there is no need or room for blame, judgement, negative emotion or anger.
  • That, if I find out I have upset someone, my first thought is, how do I put this right  and my first action is to do so.
  • That, when we accept the past is just that, the past, and accept that we cannot change it, we free ourselves from any hold it may have had over us. It is just there for us to learn from, not to have a hold over us. What is, is, accept it and move on.
  • When I smile at least five times a day for no reason my heart is lifted and the world is a better place.
  • Every moment of every day is a new beginning, let go of the past.

I trust the above helps you, if it raises questions then that is good, ask them. First ask them of yourself and look to your feelings and listen carefully, maybe you really know what to do next already, you just haven’t listened hard enough yet. Look into your heart and find out what the answer really is.

I would love to know your thoughts on this, I invite you to get in touch.

One last thought, remember that there is only now, the past is only there for the lessons we can learn from it. It has no hold over us. The future is yours to mould, live in the now and enjoy every moment. For now is a gift, that is why it is called the present!

Best wishes