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Another Great Birthday

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Birthday Fun on a Day Off with Julie

Good Times…


A shadowy kiss

Share the love folks…

The day started early as I had taken the day off but there was a networking group that I belong to that I wanted to go to as there was going to be a handing out of cheques for charity, as that is a big part of why What’s Right exists! It is great to be a part of a group that wants to grow its collective business in order to give some of it away!

We dropped our little boy off with his grandma early as she was kind enough to offer to take him to school for us so that we could get to the event in time. I say we, Julie and I had decided we were going to have a day out together for my birthday.

We arrived at the event just in time but, as we had had a late night the night before when I was testing terminals that needed to go out urgently the next day, Julie stayed in the car and snoozed.

The meeting was great and some of the heart warming stories that the representatives from the three charities present told us, made us very aware that the movement of money we are enabling into these charities is really making a difference.

At the end of the meeting Rebecca Jenkins, who introduced me to ABFM came and met Julie for the first time which was great.

We then set off on our special day together.


We started with a slap up breakfast at…. wait for it…. IKEA!!!! Yes, I really know how to enjoy myself!


I do like shopping so I didn’t have a problem as we walked around Ikea and bought a bed for our middle son, again, I really know how to enjoy myself don’t I! Nothing for me yet though except a trendy light for the underside of the kitchen cabinets I wanted to try ready for the new extension we are planning.

It’s a Squeeze

You need to picture a Vauxhall Zafira in the underground car park (good job, it was pouring with rain outside) with Julie and I trying to get the bed into it. The flat packs etc went in no problem but the mattress was another matter. It was quite big and this wasn’t going to be simple. This is the type of situation where knowing something is going to be easy to get your mind in the right place for a task isn’t going to hack it, small opening, big mattress, intention may be all there but some effort is going to be needed!

We pushed and shoved and laughed and squashed and twisted and laughed and pushed some more and yes, you guessed it more laughing, but we did it! Mattress, possibly not quite the shape is was meant to be, was in the car.

As I was sitting in the driving seat there was plenty of room for me, however, as the mattress was bent double and resting over the top of the only other seat left in the car behind me, Julie had to sit with here head leaning over to one side, again we laughed.

What people thought of us as they walked by while we were struggling away is anyone’s guess. Someone jokingly said that that was why they were having theirs delivered. I replied that next time maybe we would too. You are £35 better off she stated. I nearly shouted back that it is not about the money but thought better of it!

Financial Advice

Just so you really know that I know how to enjoy myself you should know that we stopped off for a ‘brief’ meeting with our IFA on the way back to sign a few things and that took quite a bit longer than we had anticipated but it meant it was all done and dusted and we could see it never getting done and we were just around the corner blah blah blah. Anyway, all sorted and that is the main thing.

More Shopping

As a treat for sorting out boring stuff on my birthday we then went shopping again and I nearly bought more shoes (ask me about that some time! Imelda Marcoss has got nothing on me!). I tried  on a lot of different pairs of jeans but none of them suited me. I think that all the cycling I have been doing has made my legs thinner and so I run the risk of looking like a sparrow if I wear the new skinny style of jeans that are about now.

Back Home

We then got back home (Julie having had a refreshing snooze in the car by the way) and fetched Ben from Grandma’s and put him to bed. We then had great fun extricating the bed from the car and getting it in the house. Our son and his friend were home so they helped and that made it a lot easier to get out than it was to get in!!!!

The Real Reason for this Post

While Julie was putting Ben to bed I called Spice Dunes, a local restaurant that we like going to, and booked a table. I had been thinking about how nice it is to go out for a meal in a quiet restaurant and the wonderful oppertunity it is to talk about things we don’t get to talk about in our normal day-to-day lives. Basically I was designing without even thinking about it. They said they had a table and I asked if possible could it be in a quiet corner.

And this is the bit where I wonder if when we get what we desire, can anyone else be effected negatively. I always work hard to make sure I am using the highest thought when I am desiging my life but even so…

As we arrived another couple were just leaving and we were then shown to our seats. We were the only people in the restaurant, there was no one else there!!!!!!!

Now that is a quiet corner if ever there was one!

We had the most lovely meal and talked about all sorts of things. The service was excellent and at the end of the meal I wanted to leave a tip. I only had large notes in my wallet so I asked them to change one even though I was paying on a credit card. Then I was thinking about what a lovely time we had had and the service had been excellent (lets face it they didn’t have much else to do did they!) so instead of using one of the notes they had given me I left a larger one. Given what we know about the laws of the universe I know that that is going to come back to me anyway again and again so why not share it out!

As we had such a lovely time we are going to make it a once a month treat for us to do together on our road of, getting the work-life balance sorted…

I leave you with the thought though,,, what do you think they thought I needed the change for…

Love to you all…



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