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How do you intend to create success in your life?

Where to start on the road to success…

What does success boil down to?

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Where are you on your journey?

My success boils down to ‘The quality of my thinking’.

What’s that all about?

Well you may have heard it said that your dominant thought becomes your reality. If you haven’t then phew, thank goodness you have now!

The quality of your thinking does dictate your success.

If you have ever done any work on personal development you may have come across a book or video course that has seemed really great to start with and you have felt happier and more alive and may have even seen some success but then there is something that slowly changes and things don’t seem quite so rosy any more and you don’t feel so uplifted.

This could be your ego working on you from the inside laying traps and convincing you that you know things that you don’t really know and so undermines your ability to think in a way that leads to your success. If you don’t know that you can ‘know things’ but ‘not know them’ then keep coming back here and checking out these posts as we will get to the difference between knowing something and really knowing it. One is dangerous, the other powerful beyond your imagining!

Until your powers of awareness grow in strength and you will be able to control the effects of your ego, observing it and then ignoring it is the best policy.

Remembering to think clearly and in a way that will change your life is the most important thing you need to know right now.

One definition of insanity is the repeating of something again and again and expecting the outcome to be different. Einstein was reputed to have said that!

If you are going through life and repeatedly doing the same thing again and again without making a difference then maybe it is time to change what you are doing. To think again!

There are processes that we can use to gain control of our thinking and therefore of our lives. This enables us to gain a mastery of life that is utterly priceless! So much so that it goes beyond money. We are talking here about achieving a state where you are happy regardless of circumstances. A way of life that means that you pursue monetary gain just for the fun of it. Struggle will no longer exist for you.

How powerful is that? Struggle will no longer exist for you. When you leave struggle behind, success becomes easier.

A shadowy kiss

Some of the steps along the way enable us to do things like take control of our minds for long enough to have 15 minutes of positive thought or when you first manifest something. Noting these successes will enable you to look back and see just how successful you are and it will inspire you to move forward while focusing your deep burning desire to master your thinking so that your dominant thoughts match you dreams!

I am here to support you in your quest if you need that and I will be posting more posts like this as the weeks go on with insights into exactly how you can make a difference to your life quickly and easily.

One way of looking at this is encompassed by Saltori thinking. A way of mastering your thoughts so that you take back control of your life.

This is my hobby and I love it.

Keep coming back for more.

Best wishes


PS – if you think you are happy now try taking this quiz to see just how happy you could be!

PPS – You can read the first five chapters of the Saltori book, A Bug Free Mind here or get the audio book version here.

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