Sam Evans, Andy Slade and Jonny Turner and Friends

A Great Evening’s Entertainment

The Thunderbolt Bristol

The other evening I was privileged to be part of a select group who had the pleasure of hearing Sam, Andy and Jonny doing their stuff at the Thunderbolt.

First up was Jon Parry

Sam Evans and Andy Slade doing their thing!

On location…

The evening started with Jon Parry singing a mixture of covers and his own compositions while accompanying himself on his guitar. It was generally agreed that he should do more of his own stuff which was really good.

You can hear him here:

Second on was Kayla Kelly

Some lovely songs with a lovely voice and guitar style to match perfectly.

The finale was a duet with Sam which was excellent!

Finally it was Sam, Andy and Jonny’s Turn

Andy  is our middle son and he has been playing with Sam and Jonny for quite a while now. They tour around various parts of the globe including extensively in the UK, Southern Ireland and Romania.

Sam plays his guitar and sings, Andy plays a Cajon drum, sometimes with a saxophone over his shoulder, a trade mark of sorts, which he swings into action at the appropriate times during songs and Jonny plays guitar.

The energy and drive that they all show while on stage is great and it was a very uplifting experience.

Sam writes most of the songs they perform but their cover of Billy Jean was also great and the interpretation for the groups make up was excellent.

You can get some of their songs here and I will be linking to a couple of videos that they filmed on the afternoon of the gig in Bristol when they are available.

First Video can be found here:

Other one here…

Listen to a bit I recorded on my phone on the night. Jonny kicks off with a solo guitar intro with Andy joining in on the cajon a little while later. Sam then joins in to complete the trio.

It was a great night guys and you gave it your all, as you always do, keep it up, you will go far!


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