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Workforce Management

HR, Time and Attendance, Access Control and Security

As well as being a life coach, in Chronologic, the company I started with two others back in 1999, provides Workforce Management systems that include HR, time and attendance and access control options. We can also supply electronic and physical security through an associate company.

These systems save organisations time and money by automating the process of workforce management with HR systems that include time and attendance management as well as secure their premises where required.

The biggest kick I personally get is when we have put in a system and we get feed back that shows we have really helped the organisation and made things better for them. When we have taken away some pain!

I am really grateful to the team at Chronologic as they are really the reason that everything happens! Thanks to you all, our ever growing team!

Visit us on our main website here –

Our very cost effective web based system, uAttend, can be seen here –

If you have any issues with your current system give me a call, you never know, we may be able to help you too!

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