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What is that when it’s at home?

Well, its like this…

There are certain universal laws in life that are part of how things work around here and we are not always told about them or how they work.

As you will have read on this website I have been on quite a journey over the last few years and one thing I discovered is that I have been ‘coaching’ people all my life. I thought it was time to formalise things and so I took a coaching course so that I could start to coach people professionally.

My journey thus far has shown me that with control over our minds, we can influence how we experience life quite dramatically.

That doesn’t mean it’s a theatrical performance or we have to get super emotional, it is simply becoming aware of how the universe works and using that knowledge to our advantage.

This generally means that, if you choose to, you can take control of fear, worry and stress as well as being happier in life generally. All of which leads to changes in your life that can bring you success or  turbo charge your success if you are already on your success journey.

This is what one of my clients emailed in after just two sessions.

Maja lives in Slovenia:

“Hello, my dear friend!
I can only say that the conversation with you helped me enormously.
So, my problem was money. Not enough. There was always a shortage.
I have been in debt for years. I tried everything to bring my finances in order.
Despite an intensive search for solutions, with much effort and my spiritual knowledge I have failed over and over again. I was on the verge of despair.
After 2 hours of conversation with you it became clear what the causes of my problems are:
  • The wrong focus (on my debt)
  • My low self-esteem (I am not good enough)

and one more thing – money is not spiritual.

Now I feel myself completely different.
My self worth has changed. Now I have a new picture of my ideal clients.
I have a new focus.
I am clear about what I do want and what I don’t.
I also have the commitment to repay debt, but in small steps.
From the smallest to the biggest. This is huge!
And what helped me the most?  Your support!
You had a picture of me in success (you told me after) and I felt this so strongly.
I felt my shift because of this.
Thoughts and feelings are really powerful, aren’t they?
And we are so connected.
Things in my life are now starting to take place in a completely new direction.
I feel like a new person.
Now I know I CAN DO IT!
Thank you SO MUCH!

 What does this all mean?

Well, it means that with some structured or success thinking (that’s an external link to the Saltori website) and without a lot of effort you can make a huge difference to your life once you know how the universal laws work and how to harness them for your own good.

If you would like a free introductory session then please get in touch at and we can have a conversation about how this all works and you can choose if you would like some coaching on how to make a difference in your life.

The first session is free and whether you carry on with more sessions is completely up to you. I only ask that people pay what they can afford.

My desire with all this is for you to create positive change in your life so that you can fulfil your potential quickly and easily.

Something for you to think about, remember that:

  • You choose how you feel (all the time) – so choose wisely


  • There is only now – so the past and any issues you have with it, like resentment and regret, are only to be learnt from.

Drop me an email with a bit of information about you and where you are on your journey and I will get in touch –

Much love and best wishes,


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