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What I write on this website is just my perspective on what I have done and where I have reached in the never ending journey that is life.

I desired to share that with people knowing that some, I would like to say all, may benefit.

Some will agree and some will disagree, that is their choice and they can only live their truth.

If you feel at all uncomfortable or disagree strongly with things I have written then please observe what those feelings are telling you about where you are in your journey right now. Above all, do not judge. Remember, observation is power, judgement is weakness.

There may be links on this website that indicate to the location the link points to that that visitor came via this website. Some of those links and any sales that come from them may earn me a commission of some kind. If you would like to visit sites that I have links to without the tracking please message me and I will give you the untagged link with pleasure, in fact, most of the time by hovering over it you should be able to work out what there is to use in the link that will get you to where you want to go without the recipient knowing I sent you. My motives in writing on this site are the highest I have available to me though so if you can use the links provided that would be great as it will enable me to do more and more good and to help more and more people.

Best wishes


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