Table Dancing – Really????

Is it Legal?

Meeting New Friends

I have already written about quality time, so suffice it to say that it is important that we do make time where we can to share with those around us. Strengthening bonds is a wonderfully worthwhile experience.

imageThere are also times that we get to meet a group of people who help us to let our hair down a bit and have a great time. This weekend has been one of those times. I am so grateful for these opportunities and the fact that they are happening more and more in my life.

Discovery Sailing Project

discovery-sailing-projectI have been sharing a weekend with 8 other people on a ‘DSP weekend’.  The DSP is the Discovery Sailing Project.  I volunteer for this charity that provides wonderful opportunities, often for youngsters and others who just wouldn’t otherwise be able to experience sail training. Check out what they do on the website. imageAnyone can use the services of the Project as that is one way it gains funding. It doesn’t cost as much as you think to get a great weekend on a yacht! Why not visit the website to see what it is all about…

See more about what we got up to further down this page…

The Weekend

A weekend is a man made description of some of that illusion – time.  Things sometimes keep popping up that make you realise that you need to revisit something that you learnt before, but maybe you had forgotten, or at least it’s importance had possibly dimmed in the glare of other things going on in your life.


One of these things for me is the fact that in terms of time there is one very very important thing to remember, there is only NOW.  

Remembering that the past is just there to teach us things, and that those things that have happened in the past have no hold over us in any way shape or form now is very important in the happiness stakes.

I don’t know who said this, but it is great:  

The cure is now, now is a gift, that it is why it is called the present.

(Comment if you know where it comes from.)

So in my experience it is crucial that we remember all the time that there is only now and now is to be experienced to the full. (I just re-read that bit and realised that of course ‘all the time’ is NOW!)

You still have to plan for the future and do everything you can to enable those plans to come into fruition, but when you get to a time that you see as the future now, guess what, it will be the present, or NOW, when you are there.

We had an opportunity to live life to the full last night.


One part of the plan for this weekend was to sail to Cowes on the Isle of Wight and visit the Folly Inn.

imageSail was a slight misnomer as there wasn’t any wind to speak of, so we sauntered over to the IofW and anchored up and had the wonderful opportunity to relax for a bit.


I had heard rumour that we would be ‘dancing on the tables’ and must admit that I thought that that was just a saying.

It was in fact an actuality!  The evening went like this…

Folly-InnArrived at the Folly, were shown to our table, I took the long list of meals to be ordered and got in the queue to order the food. Others got drinks while the queue, which moved surprisingly quickly, steered me to the till where I ordered the food. (I was asked to check that the person who ordered the Glamorgan Burger knew that it didn’t have meat in it so that slowed the process down a bit!!!!!)  

We then chatted while we waited for our food. One of our number then decided to make the food appear by going to the toilet. Guess what? It worked!  We enjoyed lovely meals and the conversation ranged far and wide.


We heard music and discovered that there was a singer providing the entertainment.

After all the food had been eaten the ‘younger’ element of our group (there is an age range of over thirty years) went off to, as I soon discovered, ‘dance on the tables’!

Suddenly there were just three of us left at the table. We realised that here we were, the old gits, left to snooze while the others were up dancing.


Then two things happened simultaneously.

Time to Dance!

Firstly I thought about the ‘now’ stuff above and then the Macarena came on.

I leapt from my, very comfortable, chair and ran to the dancing area. On the end of one of the tables was a clear space obviously meant for me, so up I jumped!  As someone else in the group said this morning, as we had discussed my prowess at the Macarena during the meal, when the music started they thought ‘great’, now where is Alastair as this is his song’. Then they saw me. My position at the end of the table meant that it appeared as if I was leading the table!

One other side effect of me being where I was meant that everyone who was sitting in a large open area just in front of the table area had a clear view of me strutting my stuff.

I have to admit that this did actually egg me on a bit in terms of how much effort I put in. Not that I am the type of person who likes being the centre of attention, as those of you who know me will attest I am sure!

imageThis is me later on with the others. White shirt & shorts. Julie chopped my head off as it was dark but you get the idea I am sure.

Why can I do the Macarena?

I have been doing the Macarena for many years as my children will attest, much to their embarrassment and displeasure.

It all started during a particularly fun school disco when they were very young, about 14 years ago.   I have never been one to hold back, so I was doing ‘dad dancing’, as you do, for a bit of fun (and because that is all I can do anyway).

Suddenly this music started and all the kids (well not all actually, mainly the girls) lined up and started to do what I later discovered was called the Macarena.

With not very much encouragement needed at all, I joined in, much to the amusement of the kids and the other parents who were present. That was when I learnt to do the Macarena.

What was really great was many of the other parents joined in. Again, it was generally the female variety, and we all had a great time.

I just remembered that they also had a set of ‘moves’, as my then 6 year old son called his dancing steps, to, Sex on the Beach.

The moves included some very athletic one arm reverse press-up type moves. Suffice it to say that I didn’t learn that one!

Back to the Table Dancing

Generally I am told, that table dancing is a convivial past time and that was generally my experience, so there is only going to be a passing reference to Princess Fiona who seemed not to have read the rule book! ‘Sorry, sorry… sorry!


Even my ex, Julie joined in and climbed up to have a dance on the tables and, unlike others in our number who, when jumping, banged their heads on the low ceiling, we danced with impunity!

(Just remembered! When I jumped up on the table the first time there was a large sign saying that dancing on tables was entirely at your own risk!)

That was Saturday, what happened on Sunday?

discoveryWe rose to a wonderful cooked breakfast and, although not at great speed in terms of time, were out in the Solent and sailing at last. The wind was just right for everyone to experience sailing at last and they enjoyed it!

Now, that is what I call a success!

(That isn’t actually us in the picture.)


Where did all this come from? From remembering to live in the now.

We could have stayed sitting down and snoozed the evening away but we didn’t, and didn’t that feel great!


Thanks to everyone who made the weekend so enjoyable, it was lovely!

And remember…

Don’t let the past hold you back, let it go and move on, remember, now is all there is!


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  2. Darren Moloney

    Well hello Sailor!

    You never told me you helped out with such a noble cause… I hope you “old” gits did some stretching before you started dancing and had a nice warm down afterwards… 😉


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