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Just heard this in chapter ten, as I am on another listen through, it is so true that you pick up something new every time you listen, must be to do with the more control we get over that ego the more present we are!


Serenity comes when you trade expectation for acceptance.

How true is that? It is as true for you as it is (if you see what I mean!).

Any thoughts on that one, let me know…

Best wishes


Good Day or Bad Day – it’s Your Choice…

Do you have good and bad days?

Better question:

  • Who decides whether you have a good day or not?

Is it luck…. or fate?

I think it was one of the terminator films with Arnold Schwartzenegger in it that had the quote, ‘There is no fate but what we make.’

How true do you know that statement to be? If you know it to be true, it will be true; it really is as simple as that.

Who is in Control?

Red sky in the morning...?

Red sky in the morning…?

You may be thinking that there is no way you can get out of a bad situation or effect the outcome of your life. Be assured there is and it’s not as difficult as you may think!

We are all creating in our lives, all the time. It just depends on if you are creating positive or negative things.

I recently went on the first Life Design Getaway and that is exactly what we learnt. I even saw things in my past that I had designed on purpose but I didn’t realise I was doing it. How cool is that! I will write up the day we had in the near future so that you can see exactly how good it really is when you find out exactly what you need to do to transform your life. My designs are already coming true!

Is your glass half full or half empty? It can be full if you desire it to be!

Is your glass half full or half empty? It can be full if you desire it to be!

Andy Shaw spent a long time during and after a meltdown in his business life finding out what had changed from the days when everything he touched turned to gold. By looking in depth into the self improvement and self help arena he found out how to use the power that is within all of us to influence things around us. He decided to write a book to share what he discovered. In fact he wrote two, one would just not have been right!

Having met Andy and spent some time late at night in the bar with him, I can tell you that he is a really nice guy who genuinely wants to help the world by enabling people to fulfil their potential.

It has made a big difference to how I ‘run’ my life and means that I no longer have any anxiety, fear or worry. Things from the past no longer have a hold over me and I have an armoury of techniques ready to deal with the times when my ego tries to take control back. (Not sure what your ego is trying to do, see more here.)

To get a taste of what it is like to have a bug free mind and get signed up for a free Starter Kit.


  • What is, is, the past has no hold over you unless you let it.
  • You can choose to be happy right now.
  • You can choose to take control of your life today.
  • Always find the positive in everything you do and say.

More on this kind of thing in my Reflections on Peace

If you have any questions about this or any other topics on this website I would welcome them. Likewise, if you have comments that would help those who may be reading this then please also leave those, you may know that when you give to the universe, you receive back with interest, God knows its true!

Best wishes to you all…


Collective Noun for Mobile Phones

I was having a conversation with a group of friends this morning when the subject of mobile phones came up as someone else we know had left theirs behind when they left.

I then asked what the collective noun was for a group of mobiles as I now had more than one with me. These are some of the answers:

    • Pest
  • Nuisance
  • Distraction
  • Annoyance
  • Irritation
  • Interruption

But for me, and this is a 13+ site so I think we are just about OK, the one that clinched it was:

  • A pain in the backside of mobile phones!

Feel free to replace the word backside with the one that fits with your countries alternative if you are outside the UK! (Arse was another suggested!)

What would you use as the collective noun for mobile or cell phones?



To Study or Not to Study?

Are you studying now?

My middle son is very close to his A levels right now and, as a caring parent I was thinking how  can I best get him to fulfil his potential.

Like my parents before me I imagine, there is a balance between trying too hard and letting our children do what they have to. Sometimes all we can do is provide support, they are the ones who have to figure it out.

One thing that happens, as he is very much into his music, is that he would rather be playing with the band or, as he is blessed with a lovely girlfriend, be having a great time with her. Could some of this time be spent more profitably right now getting on with some revision? Only he can decide!

In a recent conversation about this with my ex, when I commented on the above, she made this comment, was I being to concerned about excessive happiness?

Best wishes to all those about to do their exams, may you get the results you deserve based on the effort you have put in!

To your success!


UPDATE – 12.05.13

Joe, our oldest son has just informed us that he has got 80% in one of his modules, well done Joe!

The interesting thing was that he was doing the write up while we were on holiday in Chertsey a while back doing Chessington, Thorpe Park and Legoland all in one week.

Another interesting thing was that Joe did not enjoy doing the write up at all!!!

Just goes to show that if you choose to do something well you can. Now you just need to know how to design it that way.

Friday 10th May 2013

What a Day!

Early morning…

The day started with a BNI meeting in Bristol that was great as usual, what a great bunch of people there are in Bradman BNI.

Quick trip to the garage to have some screws tightened that were left loose. This could have been something that caused maybe anger or frustration but neither are of any benefit to me so I just observed that that was how I could have felt and chose to be happy. After all there was no reason to get upset was there. After all, did I want to bring any anger and frustration in my life? Of course not! Remember, what you think about you bring into your life!


On my journey to my first meeting of the day I had several phone calls and messages and I encouraged a friend to look to the law of least effort (more on that another time) to ease the extremely busy day they were having.

Designs Work

When you design things well they work well. I thought in great detail about the meeting I was going to. The people I was meeting, the questions they might have. I knew that I would have answers for the various points that would come up. Guess what happened at the meeting?

Over to you…


What do you ‘want’?

Charmouth 2012

Memories of a lovely holiday.


There are times when you may have a very clear idea of what it is you really want in life.

That may seem like a good thing, however, if you ‘want’ something what are you telling the universe about where you are with respect to your chosen ‘want’.

You are in a position of lack if you ‘want’ something. That is by ‘wanting’ something you are going to be bringing more ‘wanting’ of whatever it is into your life. This means you will never receive it!

Turn it around and put the things that you ‘want’ down as desires or intentions, that way you will be coming from a position of knowing that you have those things you desire.

I learnt this very clearly in a seminar that I attended that Andy Shaw put on a couple of weeks ago. You can see me here being a part of the very first of these events. It really was truly amazing. The clarity that it brought me in terms of knowing where I am going in life is breath taking.

Maybe you should consider going on something like this? If you turned up on this page today knowing that there is something that needs clarifying in your life so that you can turn your wants into desires and then into reality, maybe now is the time to find out more, check out what it was all about here.

Oh yes, and let me know if you do go, I would love to see you in the next video telling me what a great time you had!