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Karen J Stokes, Choose the View that Benefits YOU!


The other day I had the pleasure of meeting Karen again after not having seen her for quite a while.

Karen was the first person to tell me that I can choose to be happy, really happy, no matter what the situation is. If there is an event in your life then there will be an outcome to that event. It is your reaction that determines that outcome. Choose to be happy and guess what, you are!

Karen was giving a presentation at the Bath Positive Living Group about Mind Mastery.

As ever Karen put across her message with care and consideration for those present and it was really great to get even more insight into how our minds can work for and against us without us even knowing it if we are not careful.

You can find out more about Karen and what she does by following this link.

Best wishes


What do you ‘want’?

Charmouth 2012

Memories of a lovely holiday.


There are times when you may have a very clear idea of what it is you really want in life.

That may seem like a good thing, however, if you ‘want’ something what are you telling the universe about where you are with respect to your chosen ‘want’.

You are in a position of lack if you ‘want’ something. That is by ‘wanting’ something you are going to be bringing more ‘wanting’ of whatever it is into your life. This means you will never receive it!

Turn it around and put the things that you ‘want’ down as desires or intentions, that way you will be coming from a position of knowing that you have those things you desire.

I learnt this very clearly in a seminar that I attended that Andy Shaw put on a couple of weeks ago. You can see me here being a part of the very first of these events. It really was truly amazing. The clarity that it brought me in terms of knowing where I am going in life is breath taking.

Maybe you should consider going on something like this? If you turned up on this page today knowing that there is something that needs clarifying in your life so that you can turn your wants into desires and then into reality, maybe now is the time to find out more, check out what it was all about here.

Oh yes, and let me know if you do go, I would love to see you in the next video telling me what a great time you had!