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Quieting Your Mind

Lots of Thoughts?

One of the things that can hold people back is the inability to have time to think about those things that they desire in life, their goals.

Without goals how will you know what to choose when a decision has to be made? (More on that another day I feel!)

Getting Some Quiet Time

There are times when one needs to quieten the mind so that one can start to introduce guided thoughts rather than just having to react to random thoughts that prevent us creating the lives we desire.

There are various names for the techniques of quietening the mind and being aware of ‘now’ and the power that there is in it.

The best selling author on creating the life you desire, Andy Shaw, calls it ‘No Mind’ and some people have real difficulty achieving this state of calm.

On this video you can see how Eckhart Tolle, another expert on this kind of thing, explains how to do this. He discusses how thinking can be an addiction in fact and how to regain your ‘presence’.

Not sure who said this but it can be said that a desire is a preference and a need is a requirement. The key to inner peace is to elevate ones addictions from addictions to preferences. (It may have been Neale Donald Walsch or he may have been quoting someone else, I only have the quote here so can’t check – if you know who said it please comment to let me know.)

It can also be said that:

Serenity comes when you trade expectation for acceptance.


If you would like to learn more about this then you can access 5 free videos here that will show you how you can take control of your thoughts and tap into the power of your subconscious mind.

If you have any questions about this then please comment and I will reply privately if you mention your email address.

Have a quietly awesome day!

Best wishes




Back in the USA

uAttend International Summit

Quick Update

I am currently about to nip off to the gym to work off some of the lovely food we have been enjoying here at the summit.

uAttend shows you what we are meeting about and things are really looking exciting with the plans that we are discussing for the system, more to follow on that is due course over on the uAttend site, Time and Attendance has never been so exciting!

If you want a glimpse of where I am check this out!

La Costa

The resort where I am staying.

First Aid!

First Aid at the HR Dept

Great Day Great People

It is always a pleasure to meet new people and hear about them and their lives. Today was no exception!

Ivor Duncan taught us all about how to administer first aid in the work place should that ever be required. We learnt how to bandage and carry out CPR and also that we have to shout for help a lot!

Great location, great atmosphere and lots learnt.

Thanks to everyone who gave their input today.

Best wishes


Legal Stuff

What I write on this website is just my perspective on what I have done and where I have reached in the never ending journey that is life.

I desired to share that with people knowing that some, I would like to say all, may benefit.

Some will agree and some will disagree, that is their choice and they can only live their truth.

If you feel at all uncomfortable or disagree strongly with things I have written then please observe what those feelings are telling you about where you are in your journey right now. Above all, do not judge. Remember, observation is power, judgement is weakness.

There may be links on this website that indicate to the location the link points to that that visitor came via this website. Some of those links and any sales that come from them may earn me a commission of some kind. If you would like to visit sites that I have links to without the tracking please message me and I will give you the untagged link with pleasure, in fact, most of the time by hovering over it you should be able to work out what there is to use in the link that will get you to where you want to go without the recipient knowing I sent you. My motives in writing on this site are the highest I have available to me though so if you can use the links provided that would be great as it will enable me to do more and more good and to help more and more people.

Best wishes


Fast and Furious

I loved the fact that I could see the lights shining forwards…


Unexpected car show at Lyme Regis gave us the opportunity for this one…


Not so fast but life must have been hard work on the footplate for the coal man!

Now you see him…

DSC00716… Now you don’t!


You have to be quick sometimes; I wasn’t that time!

Feel free to share any photos you may have that you want others to see…

Happy snapping



Too Many Thoughts?

Lots Going on in Your Head?

Is it noisy in there?

Sometimes when going through life, and even when moving around doing day-to-day stuff, let alone when sitting still, there are times when our thoughts can crowd in on us and make things hard work!


Find out if you have a crowded mind… Think of the best thing that has ever happened to you and then close your eyes and try to just think about that one thing. As you are thinking about it concentrate hard.

How long did you manage? Sometimes it might be as little as 2-3 seconds.

It doesn’t have to be like that. That is your ego trying to hold you back. You can take control if desire to.

One of the things that Andy Shaw guides you through in Creating a Bug Free Mind Chapter 2 is a technique on exactly how you can practise taking control of your mind. This is the first and most important step in taking back control so that you don’t have those thoughts crowding in.

I can tell you from personal experience that I used to have thoughts coming in all the time. Now I can choose to let those thoughts into my mind or not as I please. Until you experience the power of doing this it is hard to imagine what effect it has on you. Serenity and peace are the two words I would use I think.DSC00587

If you would like to know more then feel free to comment below and if you have advice for those with crowded minds then also get in touch.

To peace if you desire it…


Collective Noun for Mobile Phones

I was having a conversation with a group of friends this morning when the subject of mobile phones came up as someone else we know had left theirs behind when they left.

I then asked what the collective noun was for a group of mobiles as I now had more than one with me. These are some of the answers:

    • Pest
  • Nuisance
  • Distraction
  • Annoyance
  • Irritation
  • Interruption

But for me, and this is a 13+ site so I think we are just about OK, the one that clinched it was:

  • A pain in the backside of mobile phones!

Feel free to replace the word backside with the one that fits with your countries alternative if you are outside the UK! (Arse was another suggested!)

What would you use as the collective noun for mobile or cell phones?



To Study or Not to Study?

Are you studying now?

My middle son is very close to his A levels right now and, as a caring parent I was thinking how  can I best get him to fulfil his potential.

Like my parents before me I imagine, there is a balance between trying too hard and letting our children do what they have to. Sometimes all we can do is provide support, they are the ones who have to figure it out.

One thing that happens, as he is very much into his music, is that he would rather be playing with the band or, as he is blessed with a lovely girlfriend, be having a great time with her. Could some of this time be spent more profitably right now getting on with some revision? Only he can decide!

In a recent conversation about this with my ex, when I commented on the above, she made this comment, was I being to concerned about excessive happiness?

Best wishes to all those about to do their exams, may you get the results you deserve based on the effort you have put in!

To your success!


UPDATE – 12.05.13

Joe, our oldest son has just informed us that he has got 80% in one of his modules, well done Joe!

The interesting thing was that he was doing the write up while we were on holiday in Chertsey a while back doing Chessington, Thorpe Park and Legoland all in one week.

Another interesting thing was that Joe did not enjoy doing the write up at all!!!

Just goes to show that if you choose to do something well you can. Now you just need to know how to design it that way.