Are you sad?

Sadness, what are you choosing?

The link below takes you to a Facebook post that explains more eloquently than I could how bringing joy to others is the route to being joyful ourselves. It is by Dr Wayne Dyer.

I trust that if this is the message you were meant to hear today you will follow the link and find something useful.

A taster…

“I have found that most of the times that I am engrossed in sadness due to a problem it is because of something that someone else has said or done, or failed to do. So this is the “problem.” I am sad because of the actions or inactions of others. Now, of course, this is an illusion; something that I have created in my thoughts. It is in my mind that I am experiencing the “problem.” So, what is the solution? It is always so simple that I often conk myself on the head for not realizing sooner.”

In the post he talks about where we can go from here…

Best wishes


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