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A bit of background…

Hi, if you know me, great to welcome you here. You may find out a bit more about me than you knew before if you look around this website.

If you don’t know me it would be lovely to get to know you soon. Feel free to get in touch. I love to receive questions and I am always grateful for opportunities to help in any way I can. I am a writer, qualified universal laws life coach and business owner.

Alastair Slade

That’s me…

It is always heart warming to receive a message or comment that lets me know I have been of help or have brightened someone’s day in some way, however small.

There have also been those that I have been privileged to be able to talk to one-to-one and bring some calm or indeed joy and success into their lives. Check out what one of those people had to say here – Client Testimonial.

A while ago I was introduced to a way of thinking that allowed me to calm my mind in a way that it hadn’t been for a long time. I thought that I would share some of my journey so that others may also benefit. Check out this website using the links at the top or on the right and have a look at my favourite page here – Reflections on Peace in our World.

On a completely different note, with a friend and a great team I run a business that is growing fast and providing solutions to organisations by providing workforce management systems that pay for themselves in time and attendance, access control and security. Check out www.Chronologic.co.uk and www.uAttend.co.uk.


2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Louise

    Enjoyed the chat on Saturdat, great website you’ve made, so nice you want to share with others what you have gained. I’ve now got round to downloading the free chapters of a bug free life, and started reading last night 🙂


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