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The Why Question

Why Oh Why Oh Why Do These Things Keep Happening To Me?

Do you find yourself asking yourself this sometimes, maybe more often than you really want to?

Can you see through the fog?

Can you see through the fog?

Maybe ‘Why’ isn’t really the right question…

Instead of asking yourself why, how about turning it around and asking ‘What am I going to choose?’

Instead of trying to figure out what is going on just STOP IT. Focus on where you desire to be, and let your dominant thought become your reality. There is only direction you should be looking and that is forwards. What is behind you is only there to benefit you if there is a lesson to learn from it. If you continuously dwell on the whys in this life the whys will just become a greater and greater part of your experience.

If you keep coming across the same why question all the time you have missed something somewhere and you haven’t learnt the lesson yet. Again, STOP, if you had learnt the lesson you wouldn’t be getting the same why questions all the time.

Stop and listen to your feelings to see where to turn, take the turn, learn from the past but don’t let it control you, it is just the past.

I am not sure why I had to write this today but I have just had a great weekend and I know that won’t have been the case for everyone, if this is for you, or someone you know, then you will know who you are.

Best wishes