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Do you really listen?

Facebook comment response

My friend Sally put up a comment on Facebook just now telling of how she saw someone walking a child to school and missing the opportunity to talk to them as they were wearing headphones.

This was my response that I felt I should share:

It is good to listen.

Something I have learnt recently is to ‘really’ listen.

Don’t go thinking about your next question or the next point you want to make, just listen.

Take in every word they are saying.

Trust that when they have finished you will know what to say next.

You will, that’s how a conversation works.

Not paying full attention or being distracted by other things is what kills conversation.

Try it, it really helps you get in touch with people.

Best wishes


Judgement and Condemnation

Why Not?

When we judge or condemn someone or something, we are judged and condemned ourselves.

So choose not to judge or condemn and instead, see things how they really are and in that you will find peace.

Why did you bring this to yourself today?

Think about it quietly for but a minute and you will know.

Best wishes



Quieting Your Mind

Lots of Thoughts?

One of the things that can hold people back is the inability to have time to think about those things that they desire in life, their goals.

Without goals how will you know what to choose when a decision has to be made? (More on that another day I feel!)

Getting Some Quiet Time

There are times when one needs to quieten the mind so that one can start to introduce guided thoughts rather than just having to react to random thoughts that prevent us creating the lives we desire.

There are various names for the techniques of quietening the mind and being aware of ‘now’ and the power that there is in it.

The best selling author on creating the life you desire, Andy Shaw, calls it ‘No Mind’ and some people have real difficulty achieving this state of calm.

On this video you can see how Eckhart Tolle, another expert on this kind of thing, explains how to do this. He discusses how thinking can be an addiction in fact and how to regain your ‘presence’.

Not sure who said this but it can be said that a desire is a preference and a need is a requirement. The key to inner peace is to elevate ones addictions from addictions to preferences. (It may have been Neale Donald Walsch or he may have been quoting someone else, I only have the quote here so can’t check – if you know who said it please comment to let me know.)

It can also be said that:

Serenity comes when you trade expectation for acceptance.


If you would like to learn more about this then you can access 5 free videos here that will show you how you can take control of your thoughts and tap into the power of your subconscious mind.

If you have any questions about this then please comment and I will reply privately if you mention your email address.

Have a quietly awesome day!

Best wishes