What is life all about?

Big question that, ‘What is life all about?’

See what things help me live my life to the full here, they may help you. Even if they don’t, they will make you think!

If you need help taking back control of your life so that you can be happy then read on. If you need personal help to do that I would love you to get in touch. Leave me a comment at the very bottom of this form. (Personal comments are not published.)

Remember, life is a journey and it should be a happy one. If it isn’t for you right now then you need to change something, carrying on as you are will just mean you have more of the same until you die. Is that what you want? Einstein is reputed to have said… “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results”.

Is it time for you to make a change?

One thing is for sure! If you love what you do you will never do a days work in your life – is that your truth? If not, why not? Read more here…

What is Life all about? What would your answer be I wonder?

Life Coaching

Many people don’t really want to think about that question, others spend their whole lives trying to figure it out and some are somewhere in between I imagine. Which one are you?

As you will see from the dates of postings on this website, I seem to come and go around here. Life, you might say, gets in the way.

What I would say is that recently I have come to an understanding about life that has taken me back to the times when I was more fully in control of things. In fact back to when I wrote the first main page of this website (I have left it below for you to read if you want to) and when I wrote this post about how you can change your life for the better more easily than you might imagine.

So what happened I hear you ask (and even if you didn’t I am going to tell you anyway as I think it’s interesting!)…

Well, I have been going along reacting to life as most of us do instead of taking things into my control and effecting what is happening in my life. Sound familiar?

I started to wake up again and get back into using the Saltori way of thinking and getting the bugs out of my mind and I came across a statement that actually made it even more powerful than before. Not really something that is a part of the Saltori method but something that in my opinion completes the circle of knowledge that it starts.

(By the way, one of the ways you can check where you are right now in terms of presence or wakefulness is to consider how happy you are. If you haven’t been told this already, you might be interested to know that our main reason for being here on this earth is to experience happiness and joy. Not something we are told generally but something that if we can accept and live it, we can have possibly a very different experience in our lives than we might be now.

You can check on your level of happiness here if you would like to, no sign up or opt in required.)

I came to realise that I can state what my life is all about in one sentence. In fact it isn’t only what my life is all about, but my purpose in life. Also that if I live to this purpose then the Saltori method of thinking and living becomes even more powerful and easy to implement.

So what is my purpose? Here it is in one sentence…

My purpose is to create a happy, peaceful, joyous life for everyone whose life I touch, and for me, in that order.

Yes it is that simple, let’s hear it again and if you read it aloud it becomes even clearer…

My purpose is to create a happy, peaceful, joyous life for everyone whose life I touch, and for me, in that order.

Of course the real power is in the last three words. They are the important ones because if you go out with the intention to ‘give’, that is, to create that happy, peaceful, joyous and abundant life for others you cannot help but have the same in return. That is how I have come to understand things work and yes, I have had plenty of opportunities to test this out as I was remembering to do it!

There are always things happening in life where how we choose to react has an effect, large or small, there is always an effect or more accurately a consequence.

Just imagine if more people lived with this as their intention every day… To create a happy peaceful and joyous life for those around them. How different the world would be.

You have seen this in action I am sure, if you go out with a grumpy face on and you get upset when something small happens, like someone pushes in front of you in a traffic queue or you miss your bus because the queue is so long when you get there and so many other similar situations, the reaction of those around you tends to be negative and your day just keeps on getting worse. That’s just how things are isn’t it?

Well it doesn’t have to be. That is something I did learn a long time ago now and, when I am fully present and in the moment, I can use the next statement to help me respond in a way that fulfils the purpose above, and that statement is…

Nothing has meaning, save the meaning I give it.

Say what?

Everything that happens to us has meaning. Nice things are easy to deal with as they normally produce nice feelings in us and we like that and it is easy to accept the meaning that occurs naturally in us. If however something unpleasant happens that we don’t like then it is very easy to react in a way that isn’t necessarily good for us or those around us.

Not that everyone does this of course but as an example, when someone is cut up in traffic and rather than shouting abuse, gesticulating and sounding their horn, which they could do, they let the other driver in with a happy heart knowing that whatever he or she is rushing to get to, they have helped them on their way.

Even as I read that last paragraph again I can feel the change in me happening as I move from frustration to ease.

This is approaching life with a smile on your face expecting things to go smoothly for you. And even if they don’t, if nothing has meaning, save the meaning I give it, I don’t have to get upset or cross if I choose not to.

I can choose to be cross and upset of course, and that is my choice, but as with any decision, there are consequences. It is my experience that when I choose not to get upset and cross then things go better for me!

I used to say to people that even if there are circumstances they are experiencing that are not helping them that they should ‘choose to be happy’. I realised a while back that that isn’t necessarily the best thing to say to someone who isn’t ready to hear it!

Now what I do is suggest that people ‘choose wisely’. That is they choose how they feel wisely, mindful of the consequences of the choice they are about to make. Becoming a trained Quantum Success Academy Life Coach helped me here!

“People are making me feel like this, I am not choosing to!”

That was how I responded when I was first told that I could choose how I feel. It is the way a lot of people respond in my experience. That is something I have come to understand when just talking to people in the early days and now when coaching people ‘proper’. They don’t realise just how much control they have over their lives. There is an example of this in this testimonial.

You too can get there of course, in fact anyone who can either read or listen to an audio book has the power in them to do this very easily. Choosing to be happy is something that can be learnt.

Even without any books, just stopping to think and follow the principles laid out above will make a huge difference to your life.

To do so, and to get past the ‘People are making me feel like this…’ stage, you have to build up your mental muscles to enable you to choose wisely when something comes along that makes you feel less than great. (By the way you can check out your happiness score here. That can be an enlightening experience for sure!)

The trick is to practise when things are going well and you can easily choose to feel good.

Become bug free

Are you starting to think the Saltori way?

Do this by picking a situation or event in your life that you really loved and just think about it for 15 seconds. That might sound easy, but not many people to can do it first time without another thought popping into their heads.

Keep trying repeatedly during the day to do this and eventually you will get there and you will be able to only think about that one subject or event for the full 15 seconds. You are now starting to build those mental muscles that will enable you to choose wisely when something comes along that starts to make you feel less than great!

Continue to practise the 15 seconds with other subjects or events and see how it does get easier the more you do it.

Once you can do 15 seconds you need to move on to 15 minutes. What???? 15 MINUTES????? I had enough trouble with 15 seconds I hear you say!!

Yes I know, I was there too once don’t forget. There is a trick to doing this but this isn’t the place to go through the whole process, I just wanted to give you a taste to show you where to start.

I could coach you on doing this if you like or you could just get right into it starting with the first free five chapters of the Saltori method. Anyone who can read or listen to an audio book can do this. This will enable you to see changes in your life you never dreamt possible more quickly than you ever expected. Or check out the free starter kit here which takes a slightly different approach. Or try both and see which one suits you best.

If you are struggling to do this on your own then by all means contact me for a free introductory coaching session if you think that would help. Remember…

My purpose is to create a happy, peaceful, joyous life for everyone whose life I touch, and for me, in that order.

To help me do that I know that…

Nothing has meaning, save the meaning I give it.

Best wishes and I look forward to hearing from you if you would like to get in touch – alastair@alastairslade.com.



This is the old front page of my website that still holds true but I wanted you to be able to see how things change in a person…

Would you like to be happier?

It has been said that when the student is ready, the teacher will appear…

Do we need help?

Become bug free

Where are you on your journey?

There was a time when life was going along and I thought I was happy, then I found out what real happiness was. Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t ‘unhappy’, it was just that I didn’t realise that I had any capacity left to be happier.  It was quite an eye opener when I did I can tell you!

It started some time around June 2011 when by ‘chance’ I spent some time just talking with someone who was there to help.

I learnt that even in the darkest of times you really can choose how you feel. In the past I would have said that meant you could choose to be happy. Now, although that is true if you know it is, there are times that maybe feeling happy is not what you want to feel. That is therefore your decision and that is what you are choosing. What you choose is up to you, that is the most important thing to remember here. You choose, no one else, never ever forget that! As ever in life, choice is the problem and the solution.

That doesn’t necessarily mean you are on top of the world and bouncing around all over the place. (Although you can be accused of being excessively happy.)  In a strange way it is possible to be sad about something while remaining happy. It could mean that you have come to terms with the past and are content to let those things go and to move forward.

Remember, ‘Time is an illusion.” as Einstein put it. Douglas Adams put another twist to it, he wrote in Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy, “Time is an illusion, lunch time doubly so.”

When you understand that ‘What is, is’ and that the past only has a hold over you if you let it, you are one more step towards enlightenment. If you can become present enough to be able to look back and say, ‘the past has no hold over me’, then you really are on your way to living life to the full. It is an interesting fact that understanding something and ‘knowing’ something are actually different things.

One thing that is essential for this is to forgive those that we feel have wronged us. Remember, those that may have wronged us in the past have probably forgotten about it anyway, it is only us that are continuing to suffer. It is my experience that a lot of people go through life not being conscious of their actions as, if one is fully present and only acting from the highest thought, that of love, we wouldn’t harm anyone in any way. So, if they acted when they were unconscious to what they were doing, then it wasn’t actually them who was doing it anyway, it was just their ego. Too deep? Get in touch if you would like to know more about this kind of thing.

Someone who once meant something to me reminded me of a saying – Anger (or bitterness or resentment) is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die. (If you know who said it please comment as I would like to attribute it correctly.)

Ask yourself, what can I do now?

What is your destination?

What is your destination?

Take a look at some of the posts on here and look to your feelings to see how you really feel about where you are right now.

Are you worry free, have no fears, have no hang ups about your past, are you truly happy and living life the way you want to?

This is all within your grasp. You just need to reach out and take it. This is my experience, it can be yours as well.

I am a qualified life coach and if you would like one-to-one coaching you are welcome to a free initial session to see if we could work together to enable you to let go of the fear, worry, anxiety and stress that sometimes takes over our lives. You can email me at alastair@alastairslade.com for more information.

If any of those things are missing from your life right now then have a look around this site as well, you may find what you need. After all, you brought this site into your life, there must be a reason you did…

One quick word of warning though, you may read things here that go against what you have been taught about how things work in life. My suggestion? Keep an open mind, don’t judge, observe, who knows where it may lead you. Look to your feelings to uncover if your beliefs are real or just illusions. Your truth is your truth.

One thing that has helped me tremendously is the Saltori method of thinking. This is a structured approach that is based on how to think and not what to think and is one of the things that has enabled me to achieve the results I have.

Happiness is a great measure of where you are on your journey from being told what to think to knowing how to think. So take this free happiness quotient quiz to find out where you are on your journey.

Another thing you could do is check out my page on Reflections on Peace to see my thoughts on how things in this world could be improved if we all thought a bit more about how we act before doing so.

Best wishes


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7 thoughts on “What is life all about?

  1. milly aberdeen

    One word: Inspirational! Considering I am a student who can often feel confused and question my abilities. I feel this website has helped me to answer some of these doubts especially when reading ‘ask yourself, what can I do now?’ Great job.

  2. Louise

    On chapter 8… Quote from Ernest Hemminway ‘never mistake motion for action’. fab! A whole life of busy busy, but is it the things that are important/ you want to be doing? Thanks 4 pointing me to this Andy Shaw book, is a right inspiration. Told u I would get round to reading it on holiday, it’s my pre- siesta priority.

    1. Alastair Slade Post author


      I knew you would like it!

      Not sure if you have done this bit yet but, remember that to ‘want’ something will ensure that you continue to want it!

      Exchange your wants for desires and ensure your ego doesn’t get a chance to spoil things for you.

      That was quite a difficult one for me to get to start with but once I did it made a big difference. I have to hold back sometimes when in company that doesn’t get this kind of stuff or I find myself saying things like, ‘desire, not want don’t forget’ and then realising they are still unconscious and don’t understand a word I am saying.

      Great stuff, and don’t forget that it is worth reading the first book a few times before looking at book two. Andy mentions this at the beginning of book one but it is easy to forget. I did it four times and there were still things I was apparently reading for the first time. That is how many times I had to see them before they actually became things I was conscious of.

      Keep me up to date, I love it when I get your kind of comments!

      Best wishes



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